Uber sign on the New York Stock Exchange

16 September, 2020

Vanguard takes big names to task over pay and climate policies

The world’s second largest asset manager has, for the first time, gone public on the companies it is engaging with and the issues at the top of its agenda. In an

22 August, 2018

Uber boosts IPO plan after long-awaited CFO appointment

Uber has filled its CFO role after a three-year hiatus, in a move that has pushed forward the possibility of the taxi-booking business undertaking an initial public offering (IPO). Nelson Chai, who...
Uber, taxi, Travis Kalanick, governance

25 June, 2018

Uber to lean on governance changes in licence appeal

Uber is likely to use corporate governance changes made in the UK as part of its plea to have its licence to operate in London reinstated. Today will see the opening arguments in what is expected t...
Uber, taxi, Travis Kalanick, governance

4 October, 2017

Uber board agrees governance reforms and Japanese investment

Embattled taxi company Uber has agreed new reforms of corporate governance, clearing the way for investment from Japanese telecoms company SoftBank. A statement from Uber said: "The board voted una...
Theresa May, prime minister, UK

29 September, 2017

PM criticises Uber decision while lauding UK’s governance record

Theresa May has committed Britain to the highest levels of corporate governance while on the same day remarking that the removal of Uber's licence to trade in London was "disproportionate".

22 September, 2017

Uber loses licence over ‘lack of corporate responsibility’

A "lack of corporate responsibility" is at the centre of reasons for withdrawing Uber's licence to operate as a taxi service in London. Transport for London (TfL), the licensing authority, has anno...
Deliveroo, Taylor Review, employment reform, gig economy

12 July, 2017

Corporate governance ‘best way to achieve better work’

Corporate governance and not regulation should be at the heart of improving the world of work for the UK's employees, according to an independent review commissioned by the government. The much-ant...
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18 April, 2017

Risk hotspots — tremors from around the world

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3 April, 2017

Blockchain: the technology of choice for decentralised, secure transactions

The integral blocks underpinning our political, economic and legal systems are individual transactions. The concept of a secure contract, whether in a payment, a registration or any other type of agre...

31 October, 2016

Uber faced with £12m pensions bill

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