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2021 sign on a cliff

INSIGHT: Outlook

Beyond Covid: risk and resilience among governance trends for 2021

Digitalisation, diversity, risk and resilience are just some of the governance issues set to dominate the corporate landscape in 2021.[...]
Boardroom meeting on sustainability in a forest

INSIGHT: Strategy

It’s time for sustainability to be the big issue in the boardroom

While progress is being made, the primary measure of performance for most boards and investors largely remains short-term earnings.[...]
Board members discussing ESG

INSIGHT: Board expertise

Does your board have the ESG skills they need for future success?

2020 has been a pivotal year in which even sceptical leaders have been forced to reckon with ESG's vital role in business strategy.[...]


US President Joe Biden

INSIGHT: Reputational risk

How should corporate leaders navigate a political crisis?

As Joe Biden takes over the White House, tough questions remain about whether CEOs should take a stand on political issues.[...]
Stressed employee at his desk

INSIGHT: Psychology

How technology threatens mental health—especially if you’re inauthentic

When the personality you show the world doesn’t match your true self, it can sap the energy you need to deal with technostress.[...]
Team working from home due to Covid-19


Hybrid working requires new technology and HR strategies

Chief information officers and HR directors must work together to create a new sense of belonging for employees after the pandemic.[...]


Cybersecurity shield protecting servers from cyber-attack

INSIGHT: Technology risk

Cyber-accountability for C-suite and boards

In an extract from his forthcoming book, Mathieu Gorge explains why CEOs and board members are good targets for hackers and social engineers.[...]
Yellow umbrella in a crowd of black umbrellas

NEWS: Research

D&O litigation on the rise amid host of emerging risks

Directors face liability over a range of new threats, with data breaches, executive misconduct and climate boosting D&O litigation claims.[...]
McDonald's sign

INSIGHT: Corporate culture

How good governance can stop toxic ‘bro behaviour’ at companies

Boards and directors are the instigators, nurturers and custodians of one of an organisation’s most critical assets: its culture.[...]


Businessman and his shadow


If you get on with your boss you’re more likely to lie for them

New research reveals that employees are more likely to engage in unethical behaviour for a boss with whom they have a good relationship.[...]
Global stewardship

INSIGHT: Corporate governance

The ICGN Global Stewardship Principles: 2020 revisions

The updated ICGN GSP reflect shifts in market practice and regulation, as well as evolving attitudes towards stewardship.[...]
Ladder leading to target

INSIGHT: Strategy

Four principles to keep your business’s social purpose goals on track

The pandemic has underlined the need for social purpose. Here's how to make it part of your short, medium and long-term strategy.[...]

Board Expertise

Directors around a table featuring foreign language phrases

NEWS: Board expertise

Foreign audit committee members linked to low-quality financial reporting

Swedish research concludes that appointing foreign directors to an audit committee can undermine the quality of financial reporting.[...]
Red baubles on a Christmas tree

INSIGHT: Board composition

The Secret NED: a non-executive is not just for Christmas

When it comes to the selection of non-executives don't be dazzled by shiny baubles: a highly sought-after NED may not be the most reliable choice.[...]
Red plane taking a different direction

NEWS: Report

Creativity in a crisis: finding a route to recovery through innovation

A new report provides a roadmap to navigate the recovery by creating a culture of innovation—including making it a priority in the boardroom.[...]
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