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Stewardship, investment, institutional investors


The promises and limitations of institutional investors

Policymakers believe that investment institutions can be persuaded to take a greater role in corporate governance. But do they really possess the willingness and capacity[...]
corporate governance, governance codes

Governance review

Time for a governance rethink: enforced compliance or not?

Have current codes of practice significantly improved corporate governance around the world? If not, then it may be time to review the case for enforced compliance.[...]
Magnet, shareholders, stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement

A very strategic engagement: stakeholders and long-term value

Attending to the needs of all stakeholders will make an enterprise more successful in the long term, but it’s up to boards to engage with them in a fair and open way.[...]


Women on boards

Stronger together: the wider benefits of women on boards

We know that women improve company boards, but a recent study reveals that they also offer better support to less powerful stakeholders and, in turn, make their companies[...]
activist investors, investor activism, shareholders

Investor activism

Activist investors: the corporate world’s new fixture

Boards beware: as investor activism becomes more prevalent, directors would do well to prepare for the worst—an issue that few companies have properly considered.[...]
low-carbon economy, carbon footprint, sustainability

Climate change

Every board has a role in the transition to a low-carbon economy

Climate change has placed a premium on moving to sustainable business models and a low-carbon economy. The task will need “positivity of purpose“ and “informed asse[...]


supply chain protection

Human rights

Stepping up supply chain protection

Boards must pay heed to labour abuses in their supply chains by ensuring strong risk management and building stable relationships—or face the many damaging consequences[...]
Korea, North Korea, South Korea

Global risk

Risk hotspots: a global roundup

Board Agenda reports on risk around the world, from Korean hopes for peace and Tesla's gamble on growth, to pressure on plastics firms and rumblings in German politics.[...]
Brainloop, board communication, board packs

Board packs

How good board communication can mitigate risk

The growing need for corporate accountability has shown how up-to-date, accessible information is crucial for directors—enter the digital board pack.[...]



Whistleblowing process

Whistleblowing: the problem with speaking out

According to research, most whistleblowers raise the alarm by first approaching their boss or senior managers. However, if they then turn to regulators, it's a clear sign[...]
risk management, business ethics, risk ethics

Risk and ethics

Ethical turn: the welcome marriage of risk management and ethics

Amoral risk management is no longer welcome, so risk managers are “flirting” with ethics. The relationship may be tumultuous, but it could be a huge and healthy step [...]
women on boards, gender diversity

Women on boards

Want gender diversity on corporate boards? Try a diversity of tactics

Pushing a particular formula for getting more women onto boards is a surefire way to narrow the conversation and slow progress, argues Catherine Banat.[...]

Board Expertise

athletic leaders, leadership skills, CEOs

Leadership skills

Inside the minds of ‘athletic’ leaders

CEOs who can turn turmoil into triumph have many personality traits in common with world-class athletes.[...]
gender diversity, gender quotas, gender equality

Women on boards

Board gender diversity requires a diversity of attitude

A spotlight has shone on showbusiness since the beginning of the #metoo campaign, but how can women feel empowered and make a difference in boardrooms?[...]
leadership skills, intelligence

Leadership qualities

The Five Qs – a recipe for effective leadership

Effective leaders create organisations focused on delivering value, but most of all they need the “Five Qs”, says Andrew Kakabadse, professor of governance and leade[...]
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