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Ryanair plane in Vilnius, Lithuania

INSIGHT: Legislation

What boards need to know about sanctions risk and legislation

The forced diversion of a Ryanair flight to Belarus has put sanctions on the news agenda. Boards should be aware of the risks and legislation.[...]
CEO wearing face mask

INSIGHT: Research

Covid causes fall in CEO pay—but excessive earnings remain an issue

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a reduction in overall CEO pay levels. Is this an opportunity for further equalisation of pay ratios?[...]
Man looking ahead with business data behind him

INSIGHT: Governance

How resilience reporting could help firms meet future challenges

Boards face a formidable piece of new work as the government pushes forward with reforms to corporate reporting.[...]


People reaching out to make a bridge

INSIGHT: Research

The relationships that create successful acquisitions

A study of start-up acquisitions shows that important patterns on both sides lead to a successful integration.[...]
Speech bubble with pound sign

INSIGHT: Research

What really determines CEO compensation?

A CEO pay survey highlights the underlying differences of opinion that may cause disagreements on remuneration—and also areas of agreement.[...]
Colourful wooden puzzle pieces

INSIGHT: Leadership

CEOs who play to type win the market

An important CEO attribute that shapes firm strategies such as mergers and acquisitions is uncovered.[...]


Employee credentials login screen

INSIGHT: Technology

Identity crisis: the threat of malicious credential abuse

The security risks posed by malicious credential abuse is fast becoming every chief information security officer’s worst nightmare.[...]
Alert from a ransomware attack

COMMENT: Ransomware

The new reality of ransomware attacks: better targeted, more damaging

Boards should be clear on how their organisation’s data and IT infrastructure is being protected against a ransomware attack.[...]
Illustration of a computer processing chip

INSIGHT: Strategy

Why businesses should optimise supply chains for resilience, not just cost

As events repeatedly demonstrate, supply chain disruption is a given. Here's how improving resilience can benefit your wider strategy.[...]


CEO looking over a cityscape at daybreak

INSIGHT: Strategy

Company purpose is more than a marketing slogan—it’s a new philosophy

Embedding company purpose requires businesses to think about every process their organisation operates and accept that there will be trade-offs.[...]
Businessman and his shadow with a growing nose


If you get on with your boss you’re more likely to lie for them

New research reveals that employees are more likely to engage in unethical behaviour for a boss with whom they have a good relationship.[...]
Global stewardship

INSIGHT: Corporate governance

The ICGN Global Stewardship Principles: 2020 revisions

The updated ICGN GSP reflect shifts in market practice and regulation, as well as evolving attitudes towards stewardship.[...]

Board Expertise

Chair overlooking the city

INSIGHT: Leadership

The hot seat: how chairs shape a positive board culture

A chair’s real skill lies in their ability to engage with and earn the respect of the board without having to overtly exercise power.[...]
Diligent Modern Governance 100

NEWS: Leadership

‘Purpose-driven’ leaders honoured at Modern Governance awards

ESG & Diversity Trailblazer was among the new crop of Diligent governance awards that reflect the big issues in boardrooms around the world.[...]
Forex graph behind boardroom

NEWS: Webinar

Webinar: what’s next for boards in financial services?

Our panel of experts share their thoughts on some of the current and future challenges for financial services firms.[...]
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