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Understanding the true costs of compliance and non-compliance

Companies are dealing with an avalanche of new compliance rules and requirements at an ever-increasing speed, and they must understand the costs of getting it both right [...]
Melbourne, Australia

Corporate governance Australia

Solving deep problems with corporate governance requires more than rearranging deck chairs

What is really required to fix Australian corporate governance is wholesale change in prudential regulation, corporate law, competition law, and electoral law, writes And[...]

Company law

Lawful impediment: company law and insider control

Does an increase in legal shareholder protection reduce insider control? Recent academic research finds that sometimes it does, but sometimes it does not.[...]


Ashurst, pension regulation

Pension regulation

‘Uncharted territory’ for directors as hard line set for pension regulation

Board directors are entering a tough new era, with regulatory proposals to impose sanctions for directors who deliberately put their employees’ pensions at risk.[...]
Brainloop, board communication, board packs

Digital boardroom

Lead or be led: Why digital transformation starts at the top

How can the boardroom drive technology change for the better? By adopting the use of a board portal, a digital transformation 'enabler', board leaders can be at the foref[...]
AI, artificial intelligence, data

Digital technology

The technologies senior leaders plan to deploy in the coming years

Cloud computing is expected to take a back seat to artificial intelligence, big data analytics and blockchain, shows recent academic research conducted by INSEAD.[...]


banking regulation, Atkis

Banking regulation reform

Why it is time to take stock of governance in banking

In the decade since the collapse of Lehman Brothers triggered the global financial crisis, governance and leadership roles in banking have been transformed for the better[...]
Mazars, cybercrime, cybersecurity


A road map for protection against cybercrime security

Cybersecurity has become one of the biggest concerns for boards and investors. FTSE 350 audit committee chairs and institutional investors recently discussed how boards c[...]
supply chain protection

Human rights

Stepping up supply chain protection

Boards must pay heed to labour abuses in their supply chains by ensuring strong risk management and building stable relationships—or face the many damaging consequences[...]


OECD Principles, responsible business

Business ethics

Responsible business conduct: the OECD way

Recent guidance from the OECD provides a valuable resource for businesses seeking to operate responsibly, implement appropriate due diligence procedures and so support th[...]
CSR, corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

When doing good garners bad press

Firms that engage in corporate social outreach should make sure they send consistent signals, or they risk their actions being interpreted as a sign of bad conscience.[...]
CSR, corporate social responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Follow the rules of corporate obligation, and reap the rewards

Recognising corporate responsibility—moral and social—makes for a well-run company that is attractive to all stakeholders.[...]

Board Expertise

Digital risk

Ten measures boards should take to protect against cybersecurity attacks   

As cybercrime becomes a huge corporate risk, boards are under increasing pressure from regulators, clients and investors to safeguard data and protect against operational[...]
Jack Ma, Alibaba


Succession planning: Alibaba works its magic

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has revealed plans for succession, the culmination of decade-long preparation. How can other companies follow his example?[...]
boardroom meeting, gender diversity, female executives

BAME directors

Corporate photos reveal a minority report of directors

A survey of corporate photography has found that more than half of FTSE 100 companies still have no directors who are black or from an ethnic minority.[...]
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