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Boards under media influence

Media coverage has a broad agenda-setting effect which should never be underestimated. Directors need to carefully manage their reactions to what they read.[...]
NGOs, NGO governance, global

Knowledge sharing

NGO governance: finding solutions to future challenges

A recent event brought together experts from national and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to identify future governance challenges for the sector—an[...]
workplace, worker, workforce disclosure


Why workforce disclosure is a governance issue

Investors are increasingly interested in the social purpose of companies, with a new focus on the quality of workforce practices and how they should be reported.[...]


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Board evolution

Setting the pace: how to ensure your board is fit for the future

EY’s latest whitepaper looks at the key actions boards should take now to ensure they set the pace—or risk falling behind.[...]
global outsourcing


Outsourcing: the risks and rewards of a multi-faceted tool

A new report examines how outsourcing offers financial and strategic advantages to organisations in an increasingly fast-paced business environment.[...]
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The outlook for governance in 2019

Governance concerns for boards to focus on in 2019 include data breaches, inclusivity, new codes and managing engagement. Board Agenda hears from the experts and looks at[...]




Cybersecurity: how to close the knowledge gap

The issue of cybersecurity has moved to the top of the boardroom agenda. But are boards doing the right things to stay one step ahead of criminals?[...]
Laura Codruta Kovesi

Global risk

Risk hotspots: a global roundup

Pressure grows on social media companies, the economy slows in South Korea, France and Italy fall out, while Alphabet and Shell go fly a kite.[...]
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Country profile: Canada

Despite trade spats with the US, there is optimism in Canada about the country’s prospects. Cannabis is expected to provide an economic boost, while construction is set[...]


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Trust in business

Executives: the new social leaders

The public are losing faith in politicians to solve their problems and are increasingly looking to employers and business leaders to take a stand on societal issues, acco[...]
AI, artificial intelligence

Board expertise

Ethical business in the age of AI

Artificial intelligence is causing a revolution in business, but how should boards respond to the implications of technologies they don’t understand? The answer is to t[...]


Sustainability, creating value & the role of the board

Businesses everywhere are developing sustainability policies. Implementation is never easy, but the right guidance can show the way.[...]

Board Expertise


Boards under media influence

Media coverage has a broad agenda-setting effect which should never be underestimated. Directors need to carefully manage their reactions to what they read.[...]
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Board diversity

New threats to ‘diversity of thought’ despite better board composition

While the number of women on boards is rising, an increasing reliance on hiring from the fields of accountancy and finance may impact on diversity of thought, says a new [...]
Mark Braithwaite, Odgers Berndtson

Board evolution

Rapid technological change ‘is disrupting leadership’

The current pace of technological change is creating a level of complexity that is overtaking our ability to process and make effective decisions, says a leadership exper[...]
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