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Pile of blocks with regulation on top

INSIGHT: Governance

The regulator’s dilemma: finding a balance between trust and compliance

Organisations of all types can be divided on their mission, vision and strategy. A combination of compliance and stewardship is the solution.[...]
King chess piece and pawns

INSIGHT: Leadership

Do CEOs matter?

The impact any CEO makes on their organisation turns on a complex interplay of factors, from culture, industry and personality to timing.[...]
Water drop and ripples

INSIGHT: Strategy

Liquid asset: corporate boards and water risk management

Water stewardship is increasingly important to long-term company profitability—and its governance begins in the boardroom.[...]


Two CEOs looking out of office window

INSIGHT: Strategy

Two CEOs, no drama: ground rules for co-leadership

A leadership dyad can enable two people to lead in a unique, constructive way and surpass what could be accomplished individually.[...]
Women executive with missing rungs on the leadership ladder

INSIGHT: Leadership diversity

What works? Achieving gender balance on executive teams

Creating an organisation where women hold senior leadership positions in proportionate numbers should be considered a major change programme.[...]
Businessman holding a compass

INSIGHT: Strategy

The challenges of balancing purpose with performance

Investors now expect firms to have a purpose that meets the needs of all stakeholders and delivers returns. It is a difficult equation to balance.[...]


Alert from a ransomware attack

COMMENT: Ransomware

The new reality of ransomware attacks: better targeted, more damaging

Boards should be clear on how their organisation’s data and IT infrastructure is being protected against a ransomware attack.[...]
Illustration of a computer processing chip

INSIGHT: Strategy

Why businesses should optimise supply chains for resilience, not just cost

As events repeatedly demonstrate, supply chain disruption is a given. Here's how improving resilience can benefit your wider strategy.[...]
Businessman surrounded by news reporters


What scandal is waiting to be exposed at your company?

Non-compliant conduct is already taking place somewhere inside your operations. And scandal is one of your greatest business risks.[...]


CEO looking over a cityscape at daybreak

INSIGHT: Strategy

Company purpose is more than a marketing slogan—it’s a new philosophy

Embedding company purpose requires businesses to think about every process their organisation operates and accept that there will be trade-offs.[...]
Businessman and his shadow with a growing nose


If you get on with your boss you’re more likely to lie for them

New research reveals that employees are more likely to engage in unethical behaviour for a boss with whom they have a good relationship.[...]
Global stewardship

INSIGHT: Corporate governance

The ICGN Global Stewardship Principles: 2020 revisions

The updated ICGN GSP reflect shifts in market practice and regulation, as well as evolving attitudes towards stewardship.[...]

Board Expertise

Diligent Modern Governance 100

NEWS: Recognition

Diligent launches its third Modern Governance 100 awards

This year's awards feature six new categories, including ESG & Diversity Trailblazer, Outstanding Community Ally and Cyber Risk Leader.[...]
CEO looking over a cityscape at daybreak

NEWS: Leadership

Leaders confident of Covid comeback but doubt their abilities in digital

C-suite members feel "very positive" about their pandemic response, but are less sure when it comes to digital strategy, ESG and diversity.[...]
Digital code on skycrapers

NEWS: Webinar

Raise your digital game: strategy, governance and skills for transformation

A Board Agenda/Diligent webinar looks at the opportunities of digital transformation and the issues it raises.[...]
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