Laura Codruta Kovesi

29 April, 2019

Risk hotspots: a global roundup

Economy — South Korea Unemployment in South Korean hit a nine-year high of 4.4% in January, offering more bad news as the economy slows. Manufacturing and retail have seen the worst of the...
whistleblower, whistleblowing, whistle, red card, yellow card

29 March, 2019

What boards need to know about whistleblowing

Big corporate scandals have made whistleblowing a headline topic. From Danske Bank to the Panama Papers, whistleblowers have thrown a spotlight on problematic behaviour. Politicians and regulators ...

1 August, 2018

Governance briefs from around Europe

Brexit could boost European voices on UK boards — Europe European voices are to become an increasingly important part of UK boards post-Br...
Paris, France

18 June, 2018

France orders banks to keep extra capital buffer

France's Financial Stability Council has ordered banks to keep aside an additional capital buffer to cover the potential risk related to growing private sector borrowing. On a recommendation from F...
CEO and chairman, chairman

31 October, 2017

French trend sees merger of CEO and chairman roles

Research suggests that France may be going against the grain, with many companies choosing to combine the chief executive and chairman roles. Figures reported from
Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, US, North Korea

10 October, 2017

Risk hotspots: a global roundup

Politics — North Korea There is little more unnerving in international relations than the long-running feud between North Korea and the US...
France, French law, French labour law

6 September, 2017

French entrepreneur body calls for wider application of labour law reforms

Planned labour law reforms in France should be applied to a wider range of companies, according to Medef, a syndicate which represents more than 300,000 French enterprises. The reforms, announced l...
Emmanuel Macron, France

11 July, 2017

France: Macron and the future of corporate governance

The election of president Emmanuel Macron in May, and the success of his representatives in...
Philippines, Metro Manila, Makati

5 July, 2017

Legal and Regulatory Roundup – Europe & Asia

Philippines faces corporate governance 'obstacles'  The biggest obstacle to raising corporate governance standards in the Philippines to a regional and global par is the failure of l...
Paris, France

3 July, 2017

France: update to Sapin II Law aims to improve transparency

Several measures designed to support transparency, modernise business activity and combat corruption are included in France’s new