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22 June, 2017

Disquiet after governance reform fails to appear in Queen’s Speech

Advocates of change to the UK's corporate governance code have revealed unease and disappointment after the government failed to include reform as part of its agenda, following the June general electi...
UK parliament, London, House of Parliament

22 June, 2017

No corporate governance reform ‘talk’ in Brexit-focused Queen’s Speech

The focus on Brexit in the Queen’s Speech could be a bad sign for anyone waiting for...
Theresa May

19 April, 2017

General election creates uncertainty for governance reform

So, the UK will likely go to the polls on 8 June to decide whether prime minister Theresa May should have her own mandate to lead the country through the Brexit process. May's surprise announcement...
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7 April, 2017

Governance should aim at investment for greater good

The BEIS select committee has published its recommendations on corporate governance reform. These will be an important input as the government decides what reforms to introduce following its green pap...
City of London

2 March, 2017

Purpose at the heart of business and how to achieve it

UK business is at a critical juncture. Low investment and low productivity have been compounded by perceptions that their fruits are unequally shared. The government’s recent green papers on corpora...
City of London, financial, banking

28 February, 2017

UK governance needs radical overhaul to make business ‘purposeful’

Governance in the UK needs a radical overhaul with company law, accounting systems, the investment industry, shareholder structure, and executive remuneration all in need of significant change. The...
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22 February, 2017

Watchdog confirms call for new powers over company directors

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Theresa May, prime minister

13 February, 2017

Shareholders seek softer measure over binding pay votes

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6 February, 2017

Investors aim to head off government intervention on executive pay

A coalition of fund mangers is to take a tougher line on executive pay deals this year in a bid to head off government intervention aimed at tackling excessive remuneration deals, according to
UK parliament, governance reform

27 January, 2017

Governance reform needs ‘patient’ capital

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