Chinese flag in front of business district

8 September, 2017

China’s Communist Party occupies central governance role

The Communist Party in China has been disclosed as being at the core of governance in more than 30 state-owned companies registered on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, rather than the Chinese state, acco...
China, Chinese business

14 August, 2017

Chinese firms need stronger governance to attract British investors

If Chinese publicly listed firms are to attract British investors, they will have to improve various aspects of their corporate governance structure, according to a new report by the China City Group,...
Richard Howitt, IIRC

31 July, 2017

IIRC marks advances in integrated reporting, but ‘work to be done’ in US

The reach of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) increased by more than half during 2016, according to the body's annual report. The IIRC also celebrated bringing on board China's...
Chinese flag in front of business district

26 July, 2017

China reveals state-owned enterprise reform plan

China is set to further reform the governance of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) by ordering that they all become either limited companies or joint stock companies by the end of 2017. The reform wil...
China, Shanghai, chinese firms

12 July, 2017

Chinese firms see corporate governance improvements, survey shows

Chinese firms are improving their ability to maintain international corporate governance standards and becoming more transparent with its investors, according to a
teamwork, Mittelstand companies

11 July, 2017

Mittelstand companies: secrets behind their success

The strength of Germany’s mid-cap industrial companies has been the envy of countries around the world for decades. But there are corporate governance challenges ahead if the so-called “Mittelstan...
Far East, Hong Kong, Asia

21 March, 2017

Legal and regulatory roundup: Asia

Hong Kong beefs up anti-money laundering and corporate disclosure laws Hong Kong’s government is in the process of improving its anti-money laundering and corporate disclosure laws in a mo...
Far East, China, anti-corruption legislation

5 March, 2017

China to enhance anti-corruption legislation

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29 September, 2016

Australia tops Asia governance survey

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13 June, 2016

China needs to improve governance

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