Jacinda Ardern

11 September, 2020

Women leaders are better at fighting the pandemic

On 8 June 2020, New Zealand was declared virus-free and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
gender gap

4 November, 2019

Mind the gap: enabling productive thinking to develop gender balance

Thanks to the tireless efforts of advocates in recent years, few business leaders can now deny the extent and impact of workplace gender gaps. Acknowledging a problem exists is a precondition for solv...
men, women, business team

10 April, 2019

The gendered corporation

In the wake of the most recent economic crash, popular analysts looked at the gender of those involved in corporate governance and asked whether the recession would have happened if there were more wo...
gender diversity, gender quotas, gender equality

9 October, 2017

‘Modest’ improvement in gender equality at board level, finds OECD

The lack of structural and institutional backing for women throughout their careers is identified as a serious obstacle to their reaching senior positions, according to a major report by the OECD. ...

14 September, 2016

Limits to value in board diversity

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16 August, 2016

America’s boardroom diversity crisis

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30 October, 2015

No more all-male boards in FTSE 100

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23 September, 2015

Companies under fire over all-male boards

Lord Davies, who oversaw the coalition government’s initiative to increase the participation of women on boards, told