sustainability, investment, ESG

7 April, 2017

Governance should aim at investment for greater good

The BEIS select committee has published its recommendations on corporate governance reform. These will be an important input as the government decides what reforms to introduce following its green pap...
Yngve Slynstad, Norges Bank Investment Management

7 April, 2017

Norwegian oil fund seeks the end of LTIPs

Norway's $900bn sovereign wealth fund has intervened on the executive pay debate, revealing that it wants to see the end of long-term incentive plans for chief executives at its investee companies, a...
UK parliament, governance reform

5 April, 2017

MPs propose major changes to UK governance code

Half of the board members in UK companies should be women, according to a report from members of the UK parliament, which recommends that the government sets a target from May 2020 for new boardroom a...
gender pay gap

28 February, 2017

Gender pay gap regulation looms for large UK companies

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Sir Win Bischoff, FRC, Financial Reporting Council, corporate governance

16 February, 2017

FRC to launch ‘fundamental’ review of UK governance code

The UK's financial reporting watchdog, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), is to undertake a fundamental review of Britain's corporate governance code, a move that comes in the wake of prime minist...
UK parliament, governance reform

27 January, 2017

Governance reform needs ‘patient’ capital

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EU, European Union, European Commission

25 January, 2017

Legal and regulatory roundup

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9 December, 2016

Watchdog tells MPs it needs more powers

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