Ruth Sullivan

Ruth Sullivan is an associate editor to Board Agenda. Ruth worked for the Financial Times for many years and is an accomplished and award winning editor who worked writes on corporate governance, leadership and management issues.

Latest Articles by ruthsullivan

  1. executive pay reform

    7 April, 2017

    Transparency should be at the heart of executive pay reform

    Executive pay levels have caused rows and debate across Europe. The answer for many is increased transparency.

  1. corporate culture, ethics

    31 October, 2017

    Twelve of the biggest mistakes boards make about culture 

    One of the most frequent mistakes boards make is failing to realise the importance of culture, but it isn't the only pitfall.

  1. sustainability, sustainable business, responsible business

    1 November, 2017

    Sense in sustainability: the changing focus for boards

    Boards are beginning to acknowledge that sustainability is no longer a siloed concept, but a crucial strategy that lies at the heart of responsible, profitable business, with long-term rewards for both stakeholders and society.

  1. risk management

    4 December, 2017

    Ten simple ways boards can manage their risks better

    Follow these ten tips on risk management and you'll be well on your way to preventing corporate disaster.

  1. board merger, mergers & acquisitions, strategy

    12 December, 2017

    Five steps to ensuring an effective board merger

    These best-practice insights on how to smooth the path to a successful board merger should help avoid problems and pitfalls of poor integration.