7 December, 2016

Compliance: why it pays to stay on the right side of the law

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Dame Helen Alexander

9 November, 2016

Government advances plans to get more women in senior management

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Google Docks building

7 November, 2016

Google faces new tax criticism

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German government building Berlin, German law, Germany

3 November, 2016

German pension reform to offer more certainty and flexibility to employers

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26 October, 2016

Archbishop backs call for cultural change in financial regulators

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7 September, 2016

Finance bill includes country-by-country reporting

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13 November, 2015

Corporate manslaughter penalty increased to £20m

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23 October, 2015

Senior managers’ regime expanded

The UK Treasury has announced that the new senior managers' regime will be extended from banks to all financial services firms by 2018. The move will include insurers, asset managers and all investmen...

7 September, 2015

France’s AMF investigates exec on ‘corporate behaviour’

An article in Le Journal du Dimanche has criticised Michel Combes, former chief executive of Alcatel, for departing the company in the midst of a takeover by Nokia. The weekly paper has cr...
EU flags

27 August, 2015

EU audit reform consultation afoot

A consultation is under way on the implementation of new European rules on audit. The department for business, along with regulators at the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), have kicked-off the re...