13 October, 2017

New EBA guidance published on Brexit relocations

  An Opinion setting out recommendations for...
Tbilisi, Georgia

10 October, 2017

Corporate law in Georgia to boost transparency and shareholder protection

Amendments to Georgia’s Law on Entrepreneurs impose new requirements for single-member companies and strengthen the pre-emption rights of shareholders. Georgia's legal reform commitments stem fro...
legal, regulation, compliance

27 September, 2017

Changes in rules of business bring greater challenges, say SMEs

Three-quarters of business owners think the rules of doing business have altered dramatically in the past year, according to new research, with increased competitor activity, more data-driven decisio...
EU, European Union, European Commission

5 September, 2017

European commissioner to publish company law initiative in November

The European commissioner for justice has told a corporate governance conference in Tallin that she expects to table proposals for a company law initiative, which would facilitate cross-border busines...
FRC, audit

31 August, 2017

FRC updates mission statement and website to improve transparency

The UK’s governance regulator has set out its mission as “promoting transparency and integrity in business”, as part of an update of its image. The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has
German government building Berlin, German law, Germany

1 July, 2017

Germany: New proceeds of crime law implemented

Recent law reform in Germany aims to simplify rules on the confiscation of assets resulting from criminal offences, and to transpose the EU Directive on the Freezing and Confiscation of Instrumentalit...
euros, EU regulation, financial regulation, eu financial directives

28 June, 2017

Deadline looms for implementation of new EU financial directives

EU member states must implement the new Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) and the new Regulation on Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFIR) into national law by 3 Jul...
Paris, France

30 March, 2017

France: large firms face new ‘duty of care’ on risk management

New legislation has been introduced in France which places a new "duty of vigilance", or "duty of care", on large French corporates. Qualifying legal entities will have to develop and implement yea...
City of London, financial markets, ftse100, corporate governance

28 February, 2017

Financial regulator seeks to review UK capital markets

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German flag, German businessman, German business

28 February, 2017

Revised German Corporate Governance Code urges ‘ethical behaviour’

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