Female CFO with financial data

4 August, 2021

Research reveals benefits of having a female chief financial officer

Much is written about gender differences in boardrooms, the headlines mostly won by discussion of whether female chief executives and non-executives might be at an advantage. New research however sugg...
Paper dolls in a line

23 July, 2021

Stubborn group of ‘bubble-bound’ boards ‘do not treat diversity as a priority’

The drive towards diverse boardrooms has hit a stumbling block: new evidence suggests that the message has failed to reach more than half of boards. Recently completed research finds that before th...
Business meeting

22 July, 2021

FRC report calls for more diversity on nominations committees

Nominations committees must become more diverse themselves if they are to increase diversity in boardrooms, according to a new report. The conclusion comes as part of research that looks into diver...
Hong Kong skyline

28 June, 2021

ACGA urges overhaul of Hong Kong corporate governance

An influential corporate governance group has called on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to change track on proposals that could transform company attitudes towards non-executive terms, boardroom diversit...
Women executive with missing rungs on the leadership ladder

28 May, 2021

What works? Achieving gender balance on executive teams

Plaudits have been exchanged recently for meeting the target of 33% female non-executive directors in the FTSE 350 under the Hamp...
Group of diverse men and women

20 May, 2021

Diversity in the UK: progress on targets, but power imbalances remain

Attention to progress towards inclusion in the UK workplace has been spearheaded, usefully, by public reviews conducted as independent, voluntary and business-led initiative supported by government, o...
Woman thinking in front of city skyline

26 April, 2021

Companies with female directors ‘do better on E&S measures’

Companies perform better on environmental and social (E&S) measures after their boards appoint female directors. So says new research from the Université Paris-Dauphiné. After looking at Fren...
Sacha Sadan, LGIM

1 April, 2021

LGIM annual report reveals 21% rise in ‘active engagement’ in 2020

Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM) increased the level of its engagements last year as the pandemic took hold of society and business across the world. LGIM's annual report reveals an i...
CEO looking out of office window

24 February, 2021

Hampton-Alexander report highlights lack of women on executive teams

The latest report from the Hampton-Alexander Review on the progress of women in UK boardrooms—with targets happily reached and exceeded—offers much to celebrate. But there is no mistaking its note...
Sun rising behind a group of business people

22 February, 2021

Diversity milestone as FTSE 350 bids farewell to all-male boards (again)

A significant milestone has been reached in the journey to increase diversity in UK boardrooms: all-male boards in the FTSE 350 have disappeared. The news comes after a count by the 30% Club, a gro...