Review of Non-Financial Reporting Directive

4 August, 2020

Companies should embrace Europe’s roadmap to stakeholder capitalism

It is now de rigueur for for any company seeking to respond to the urgency of climate change and the imperative of responsible business conduct to pledge to "serve their stakeholders". The...
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11 February, 2019

EU non-financial reporting: Good start, could do much better

Corporate efforts to report on sustainability policies and measures have disappointed close observers. Recent research has found that only half the companies surveyed provided clear information on ...
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14 December, 2018

Debate heats up over sustainability reporting

The debate over company reporting is heating up once again. This time over sustainability issues. The EU may have brought into effect a new directive on non-financial reporting but there are many who ...
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10 May, 2018

Reporting directive paves way for improved accountability

The EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive has introduced a new requiremen...
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8 September, 2017

Recommendations to rethink UK corporate governance

Over the past year there has been a renewed interest in modernising corporate governance among practitioners and policymakers. Last week, the UK government published its long-awaited
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20 July, 2017

Sustainable Finance report: implications for investors and directors

Potential avenues for reform of the financial system towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and sustainable economy have been mapped out in an

19 May, 2017

Experts set to explore the evolution of governance

Experts from academia, campaign groups and big corporates are set to come together to debate the evolution of corporate governance practice and policy at a conference in June. Among the speakers w...
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12 May, 2017

Review of UK code will focus on section 172 duties

A review of the UK's corporate governance code will focus on “enhanced delivery” of section 172 of the 2006 Companies Act, including the suggestion that directors should have regard to the interes...
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20 April, 2017

Systemic risk and corporate governance to lead Cass event

Cass Business School is to bring together a group of key thinkers to explore the impact of systemic risk—such as climate change and inequality—on corporate governance. Panellists including Pa...