The Secret Ned

The Secret Ned is a current British board director with 30 years’ experience, who has worked on boards in the FTSE250, small-cap companies and private, family-owned businesses.

Latest Articles by The Secret Ned

  1. whistleblowing

    2 September, 2022

    The Secret NED: whistleblowing and the board

    Formal whistleblowing means trouble, not only for the obvious reason, but because it shows the organisation failed to address valid concerns.

  1. Superhero CEO overlooking the city

    8 February, 2022

    The Secret NED: if your board has problems, don’t be a hero

    Even the best non-executives shouldn’t presume they can solve all the board’s difficulties, especially those symptomatic of wider issues.

  1. Compliance checklist for evaluation with green ticks

    5 May, 2021

    The Secret NED: board compliance matters, even on the little things

    Ensuring the right things are done while not being overly fussy is a tricky balance. But relaxing one’s guard can also be the wrong approach.

  1. Red baubles on a Christmas tree

    21 December, 2020

    The Secret NED: a non-executive is not just for Christmas

    When it comes to the selection of non-executives don’t be dazzled by shiny baubles: a highly sought-after NED may not be the most reliable choice.

  1. Computer with company email icons

    18 November, 2020

    The Secret NED: Clinton, company email and a confidentiality dilemma

    I’ve been using my private email for company business. Will there be calls to “lock me up”—even if I’m actually protecting my best interests?