Lucy Trevelyan

Lucy Trevelyan is the legal correspondent for Board Agenda. She is an NCTJ-trained journalist and a lawyer. She has edited a number of legal publications including Solicitors Journal, New Law Journal, Counsel magazine, Corporate Rescue & Insolvency Law, and Law Business Review.

Latest Articles by Lucy Trevelyan

  1. Pay inequality, remuneration, executive pay, performance pay, executive rewards

    14 June, 2018

    New UK CEO pay-ratio reporting laws announced

    The UK government has drafted regulations to hold large UK-listed companies to account for the pay gap between executives and their average employees.

  1. Ireland, justice, corporate crime

    8 June, 2018

    Ireland raises the bar on tackling white-collar crime

    A range of new anti-corruption offences are set to become law in Ireland to cover a variety of new offences aimed at tackling bribery and corruption.

  1. mergers, M&A, teamwork

    5 June, 2018

    European Court of Justice provides guidance on merger ‘gun-jumping’

    The European Court of Justice has published guidance on “gun-jumping”, a failure by merging parties to comply with the “standstill obligation”, which requires companies to seek clearance by a competition authority before implementing a merger.

  1. insolvency

    25 May, 2018

    Measures to protect stakeholders in insolvent firms proposed

    Measures to reduce the risk of major company failure through poor governance or stewardship, and to strengthen the responsibilities of directors of firms in or approaching insolvency, have been proposed by the UK government.

  1. GDPR, data protection regulation

    16 May, 2018

    Many firms not ready for GDPR: but compliant organisations reap benefits

    Research shows that 85% of firms in Europe and the US were not ready for the new data protection regulation by the May deadline, with a quarter confessing they would not be compliant even by the end of the year.