Lucy Trevelyan

Lucy Trevelyan is the legal correspondent for Board Agenda. She is an NCTJ-trained journalist and a lawyer. She has edited a number of legal publications including Solicitors Journal, New Law Journal, Counsel magazine, Corporate Rescue & Insolvency Law, and Law Business Review.

Latest Articles by Lucy Trevelyan

  1. Global internet censorship

    9 December, 2016

    Bars to geo-blocking mooted

    The EC has proposed new rules on geo-blocking by online traders and content publishers.

  1. Law and justice scales

    9 December, 2016

    Legal & regulatory roundup – Europe

    Legal and regulatory highlights from around Europe, including a French anti-corruption bill, geo-blocking, diversity guidance and more.

  1. boardroom

    14 January, 2017

    Governance leaders to produce guidance on UK board decision-making

    ICSA: the Governance Institute and the Investment Association have launched a project to ensure UK Plc boards factor the views of their employees and other stakeholders into their decision-making.

  1. gender diversity, gender quotas, gender equality

    15 January, 2017

    New gender quotas come into force for large French companies

    Large French companies will now be required to have at least 40% of female board members.

  1. Brexit, EU, law

    20 January, 2017

    Great Repeal Bill planned after Brexit to replace EU laws

    The UK government plans to implement a "Great Repeal Bill" following the UK's official withdrawal from the EU, which would replace or remove all EU laws.