Dina Medland

Dina Medland is a former staff journalist and regular contributor at the Financial Times. Since September 2013 she has written for Forbes magazine, covering leadership, the boardroom and issues around corporate governance.

Latest Articles by Dina Medland

  1. risk management

    11 July, 2015

    Shifting attitudes to risk

    Research may show that FTSE risk appetite is improving, but is it translating into action?

  1. 28 July, 2015

    Diversity’s strategic imperative

    Targets may have been met but many boards still fail to address gender diversity and many have no plans to do so, writes Dina Medland. What’s going on?

  1. Digital Image

    23 August, 2015

    The great IT meltdown

    There is little indication that banks are giving IT the kind of attention it undoubtedly needs.

  1. Sir John Parker

    6 December, 2016

    View from the chair: Sir John Parker

    Sir John Parker, chairman of mining giant Anglo American, is calling for broader ethnic diversity in British boardrooms. He tells Dina Medland why.

  1. Vanda Murray, Fenner plc

    31 March, 2017

    View from the chair: Vanda Murray

    Vanda Murray's appointment as chairman of Fenner plc last year was a baptism of fire, but she has risen to the challenge, despite increased directorial pressure.