David Doughty

David Doughty is a chartered director, chief executive, chairman, non-executive director and corporate governance expert. He is a director at Talent4Boards, a non-executive director at GLOVOC Fund Partners and a member of Board Agenda's Advisory Panel.

Latest Articles by David Doughty

  1. crisis management

    23 August, 2015

    Coping without a CEO

    The sudden departure of a CEO, such as the exit of Antony Jenkins from Barclays, can leave an organisation bereft. What is the role of non-executives when no one appears to be at the helm?

  1. executive education

    23 August, 2015

    ‘Guinea pigs’ or highly trained professionals?

    Being a company director requires much more than simply knowing the law, says David Doughty.

  1. 6 October, 2015


    Leapfrogging is a relatively new trend in CEO appointments but requires the support of chairmen and non-executives.

  1. Sports Direct

    17 August, 2016

    Cleaning up the governance act

    UK business has made "great strides" in corporate governance, but recent events at BHS and Sports Direct have prompted questions about the behaviour of some directors. David Doughty argues that business needs to clean up its act.