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29 March, 2019

What boards need to know about whistleblowing

Big corporate scandals have made whistleblowing a headline topic. From Danske Bank to the Panama Papers, whistleblowers have thrown a spotlight on problematic behaviour. Politicians and regulators ...

1 August, 2018

Governance briefs from around Europe

Brexit could boost European voices on UK boards — Europe European voices are to become an increasingly important part of UK boards post-Br...

1 August, 2018

Risk hotspots – a global roundup

Company — Airbus It’s not the first business to express concern with the Brexit timetable but Airbus made front-page news when it made p...
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13 July, 2018

UK companies warned: time running out for Brexit preparations

UK companies have been warned that the clock is ticking on their readiness for a hard Brexit, after a major regulator issued a statement reminding firms to establish a European base. The alarm was ...
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21 January, 2018

New anti-money laundering watchdog launched in UK

A new anti-money laundering watchdog—the Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision (OPBAS)—has been launched in the UK. OPBAS, which sits within the Financial Conduct Autho...
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5 July, 2017

Legal and Regulatory Roundup – Europe & Asia

Philippines faces corporate governance 'obstacles'  The biggest obstacle to raising corporate governance standards in the Philippines to a regional and global par is the failure of l...
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1 July, 2017

Global risk: hotspots from the UK, US, Italy, Europe and Qatar

Politics — May limps on After a general election in early June failed to give any party an overall majority, the UK remains the developed nation facing the greatest political uncertainty. ...
Stephen Haddrill, FRC

14 November, 2016

FRC holds fund managers to account under Stewardship Code

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Simon Lowe, Grant Thornton.

14 November, 2016

FTSE 350 compliance with Governance Code improving

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13 November, 2016

Former BHS owner arrested amid tax investigation

Dominic Chappell has been arrested as part of an investigation into unpaid taxes on profits made from the collapsed department store chain BHS. According to