Palais Brongniart

9 November, 2017

ICGN Paris conference will focus on developments in Europe

The last conference of the 2017 ICGN events calendar will be held in Paris on 6 and 7 December at the Palais...
European Banking Authority

28 September, 2017

European banking authorities urge greater diversity among managers

European financial institutions should improve the diversity of their management bodies to ensure sound governance, said the European Banking Authority and the European Securities and Markets Authorit...
EU jurisdiction, EU law, Europe

12 September, 2017

EU merger ruling for new joint ventures ‘welcome’

The creation of a joint venture (JV) between two or more companies, using a company that was previously controlled only by one parent, is not subject to EU Merger Regulation (EUMR) where the resulting...
EU, European Union, European Commission

5 September, 2017

European commissioner to publish company law initiative in November

The European commissioner for justice has told a corporate governance conference in Tallin that she expects to table proposals for a company law initiative, which would facilitate cross-border busines...
Philippines, Metro Manila, Makati

5 July, 2017

Legal and Regulatory Roundup – Europe & Asia

Philippines faces corporate governance 'obstacles'  The biggest obstacle to raising corporate governance standards in the Philippines to a regional and global par is the failure of l...
executive pay reform

7 April, 2017

Transparency should be at the heart of executive pay reform

Will greater transparency in high executive pay curb boardroom excess? The high pay packages of top executives have been stirring up widespread concern across continental Europe and the UK, triggering...
boardroom meeting, gender diversity, female executives

5 January, 2017

Workers on boards

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people together, corporate culture, trust, responsible business

6 December, 2016

Build your company’s future on trust

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European flag

16 July, 2015

FRC responds to governance recommendations

The UK’s “comply or explain” approach to corporate governance has allowed the introduction of a “more demanding standard than can be done through hard rules,” according to the Financial Repo...