14 May, 2018

EC seeks to amend and standardise shareholder rights law

A public consultation conducted by the European Commission on amendments to shareholder rights has now closed. The new law would introduce minimum requirements in the transmission of information fo...
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11 April, 2018

Commission proposes to strengthen EU consumer rights and enforcement

New consumer protection legislation proposed by the European Commission will increase the regulatory burden for business—and introduce stiff penalties for those who get it wrong. The

23 March, 2018

European Commission introduces tough tax laws for digital business

The European Commission has proposed rules to ensure that companies conducting business digitally in the European Union are paying their fair share of tax. Under the p...
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13 March, 2018

EU: new transparency rules for tax advisers agreed

New transparency rules for intermediaries—such as tax advisers, accountants, banks and lawyers, who design and promote tax-planning schemes for their clients—have been agreed by EU member states. ...
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12 March, 2018

EU launches fintech action plan to support business

The European Commission has introduced a financial technology action plan in a bid to become a centre of innovation for new technologies. It aims to increase cybersecurity and ensure integrity, and de...
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9 March, 2018

CBI: Brexit deal must avoid ‘cliff edge’ for financial services

A Brexit deal that fails to include UK financial services is "like building a ship with no sails", according to the deputy director general of the Confederation of British Industry. Josh Hardie was...
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23 February, 2018

Which direction for corporate governance?

Over the past few decades, corporate governance has shifted from the wings to a prominent, centre-stage position, evolving against a backdrop of increasingly global business, a growing n...
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19 February, 2018

Heavy industry in EU faces steeper cuts to CO2 emissions

The European Parliament has passed a law to accelerate cuts in CO2 emissions by industries that are subject to the trading bloc’s emissions trading scheme (ETS). Under the scheme, European compan...

5 February, 2018

EU lawmakers back plans for greater CO2 cuts in key sectors

The European Parliament’s environment committee has backed laws proposed by the European Commission for drastic CO2 emission cuts in the transport, farming, building and waste sectors. Emissions ...
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27 January, 2018

Gearing up for the EU Trade Secrets Directive

EU member states have until 9 June 2018 to implement the