corporate governance, governance codes

12 March, 2018

Time for a governance rethink: enforced compliance or not?

Are we getting corporate governance right? The end of last year saw another iteration of the UK’s Corporate Governance Code. The consultation w...
regulation, corporate governance

23 February, 2018

Which direction for corporate governance?

Over the past few decades, corporate governance has shifted from the wings to a prominent, centre-stage position, evolving against a backdrop of increasingly global business, a growing n...
corporate governance code

21 February, 2018

Could a revised governance code offer broader scope?

Just when it might seem that corporate governance debacles were receding into the past, along come two more as reminders that confidence in business can be fragile. Events at Persimmon (...
Belgian Parliament, Belgium, Brussels, Belgian law

19 February, 2018

Financial and administrative burden on Belgian companies ‘too high’

Belgian companies spend almost €6bn a year meeting the requirements of employment, tax and environmental regulations. A report by the Federal Planning Bureau said the total costs to companies in ...
Compliance, regulation

13 February, 2018

Compliance: take it or leave it

Compliance may mean meeting legal or regulatory obligations, but in a corporate setting, compliance is viewed as a cost from both a people and a financial resource perspective. “Essent...

17 January, 2018

Half of large corporates have unreported compliance breaches

More than half of UK companies have compliance breaches that remain unreported to regulators, according to new research. The survey reveals that 52% of large corporates are aware of "compliance iss...
The Hague, Den Haag

8 December, 2017

Dutch shareholders oppose inclusion of governance in accountants’ role

A Dutch shareholder association has written to the corporate governance commission, protesting against a planned measure that would extend the role of accountants in the drafting of a company’s corp...
Richard Fenning, Control Risks

27 April, 2017

Companies are at risk from failing to invest in compliance, research shows

Just over a quarter of executives responsible for compliance attend all board meetings, according to new research which looked at the compliance practices of large corporates around the world. The ...

7 December, 2016

Compliance: why it pays to stay on the right side of the law

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