Maggie Pagano

Margareta Pagano is associate editor of Board Agenda. An award-winning business journalist, Maggie was formerly business editor of the Independent on Sunday and founding editor of Financial News, the City's specialist online news service. She continues to write regularly for The Times, the Daily Mail and Financial News.

Latest Articles by Maggie Pagano

  1. Steve Hewitt, Gymshark

    28 January, 2019

    Fit for growth: Steve Hewitt, Gymshark

    One of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK, Gymshark has become a cult brand with young keep-fit enthusiasts. CEO Steve Hewitt reveals how the company’s growth has been a “fairytale”.

  1. leadership

    5 October, 2018

    Tomorrow’s leadership, today: nurturing future leaders

    The pace of change in technology and geo-political uncertainty has presented business leaders with unprecedented challenges. What does it take to lead companies in the current environment and how can the leaders of the future be nurtured?

  1. Philip Aiken, Balfour Beatty, Aveva

    5 March, 2018

    View from the chair: Philip Aiken—Balfour Beatty & Aveva

    Philip Aiken, chairman of Balfour Beatty and Aveva, spends much time visiting his overseas operations—it’s the best way to get first-hand feedback, he says.

  1. Reputation

    5 October, 2017

    Reputation for the long term requires a change of attitude

    Ensuring long-term success is about protecting reputation. But it may mean a painful adjustment from short to long-term thinking and to a more inclusive form of capitalism.

  1. Culture

    25 September, 2017

    Corporate culture and how to rebuild public trust

    A succession of scandals across the world has given every indication that there is a crisis in corporate culture. So what do we do to fix the problem?