Katherine Bradshaw

Katherine Bradshaw is head of communications at the Institute of Business Ethics. As well as heading up the IBE’s PR and communications, Katherine is the author of five IBE Good Practice Guides, including "Communicating Ethical Values Internally". She has a particular interest in how stories create an ethical culture and writes scenarios for ethics training, developing the IBE's e-learning tool "Understanding Business Ethics", to sensitise employees to recognise and deal with ethical dilemmas. She is an advocate for responsible business communications, having written and presented on the subject for professional bodies including CIPR, IABC and PRCA, as well as the IBE.

Latest Articles by Katherine Bradshaw

  1. meeting, employee engagement, workers, speak up

    6 August, 2019

    If you want employees to speak up, show that you will listen

    Effective speak-up procedures help boards to understand and improve their organisational culture. But employees won’t come forward unless they feel supported.

  1. social media, hashtag, reputation

    28 May, 2019

    Social media: when personal beliefs clash with corporate values

    Recent cases of controversial social media posts have focused attention on what happens when employees’ beliefs or opinions contradict their employers’ values. It’s the responsibility of the board to lead an offline discussion with staff about the boundaries of their personal and professional personas.