Emma Portier Davis

Emma Portier Davis is European correspondent for Board Agenda. Emma has more than ten years' experience reporting from Brussels on both EU regulatory developments and Belgium for a wide range of media. She is the former bureau chief of AFX News where she covered EU competition decisions and the Belgian economy, and spent two years as a correspondent for Reuters.

Latest Articles by Emma Portier Davis

  1. EU, European Union, European Commission

    5 September, 2017

    European commissioner to publish company law initiative in November

    European commissioner to propose company law that would facilitate and simplify cross-border business, and promote the use of digital technologies.

  1. Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Dutch companies, Netherlands, female quotas

    6 September, 2017

    Dutch company boards failing to meet female quotas

    The proportion of Dutch boardroom roles held by women has fallen for the second year running, new figures reveal.

  1. Air France-KLM

    6 September, 2017

    Air France-KLM hunts for female director after shareholder protest

    Air France-KLM shareholders insist on a female director for a new board position following an agreement to sell shares to Delta Airlines and China Eastern.

  1. Vasant Narasimhan, Novartis

    6 September, 2017

    Novartis appoints new chief executive as Jimenez retires

    Vasant Narasimhan will become the new CEO of Swiss medical company Novartis as Joseph Jiminez retires after eight years.

  1. France, French law, French labour law

    6 September, 2017

    French entrepreneur body calls for wider application of labour law reforms

    French syndicate Medef has suggested that labour law reforms, announced last week by president Emmanuel Macron, should be applied to a wider range of companies.