Baron Laudermilk

Baron Laudermilk has six years of experience as a financial editor and journalist covering Asian banking, business and infrastructure. Working in Singapore, Beijing and Hong Kong as a lead correspondent, Baron has managed the organization of prominent financial conferences, moderated key dialogues, and has written influential pieces on Asian banking that touches on everything from The Asian Financial Crises in 1998 to the liberalization of the renminbi and its impact on global finance. Baron speaks fluent English and Mandarin, and graduated from Ohio University with a BA in political science and Asian studies.

Latest Articles by Baron Laudermilk

  1. Far East, Singapore governance

    2 March, 2017

    Singapore: Code of Corporate Governance to be reviewed

    The Code of Corporate Governance (CG Code) in Singapore will come under review by a council, while there are calls for firms to go beyond boiler-plate explanations.

  1. Far East, China, anti-corruption legislation

    5 March, 2017

    China to enhance anti-corruption legislation

    China will move forward its anti-corruption legislation by drafting a national supervision law, with the revised version scheduled to be submitted to the NPC Standing Committee for review within the year.

  1. Far East, Hong Kong, Asia

    11 March, 2017

    Hong Kong beefs up anti-money laundering and corporate disclosure laws

    As Hong Kong's anti-money laundering and corporate disclosure laws come under the spotlight, financial crime experts predict an exodus of billions of dollars from the island.

  1. India, stewardship code

    20 March, 2017

    India to reform stewardship code

    The Financial Stability and Development Council of India, a body chaired by the country’s Union finance minister, has proposed that a panel of financial regulators be formed to develop a new stewardship code for investors.

  1. Far East, Hong Kong, Asia

    21 March, 2017

    Legal and regulatory roundup: Asia

    Legal and regulatory roundup from the Far East: new stewardship code in India, Hong Kong money-laundering measures, Singapore reviews governance code, China beefs up anti-corruption laws.