London Stock Exchange

20 September, 2021

Dual-class shares ‘would enhance investor protection’

The dual-class share debate appears to have no end. This week another academic has delivered their thoughts—this time backing their introduction. Min Yan, a professor in business and law at Queen...
Ryanair plane in Vilnius, Lithuania

20 September, 2021

What boards need to know about sanctions risk and legislation

Shifts in the geopolitical landscape and evolving regulations across the globe mean that organisations operating across multiple jurisdictions need to constantly review and assess the impact of new sa...
Man looking ahead with business data behind him

17 September, 2021

How resilience reporting could help firms meet future challenges

Proposals that come as part of an effort to overhaul audit and governance ask corporate leaders to master a new discipline: reporting on their business prospects long into the future in a “resilienc...
Green figure on pile of counters

3 September, 2021

Introduction of dual-class shares could create ‘unsackable CEOs’

Controversy surrounding the introduction of dual-class shares for premium listings in the UK continues. One expert has opened a new front, writing that “irremovable directors”—something dual-cla...
notebook on boardroom table

1 September, 2021

Audit committees ‘lose independence’ the longer they serve

As the UK moves towards reform of audit regulation there is now much research focused on the work of company directors overseeing the work of auditors. Not all of it comes with good news. A
Businessman looking a regulation checklists

6 August, 2021

Audit reform 2021: implications for board oversight of risk management

Company directors should “think twice,” before issuing dividends once proposed new reporting requirements come into force, according to an expert observer. Speaking in a Board Agenda p...
Auditor signing an audit document

6 July, 2021

Audit reform consultation set to close as dissenting voices emerge

Consultation on the most sweeping proposals in recent years to confront auditors, the audit market and audit committees will close this week. The sector does not yet know what the outcome will be, ...
Hong Kong skyline

28 June, 2021

ACGA urges overhaul of Hong Kong corporate governance

An influential corporate governance group has called on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to change track on proposals that could transform company attitudes towards non-executive terms, boardroom diversit...
Pile of blocks with regulation on top

28 June, 2021

The regulator’s dilemma: finding a balance between trust and compliance

"Of course, I knew what was happening!" said the regulator with regard to a particularly sensitive concern. "I knew which of these companies was at risk. I was clear who was, and who was not responsib...
EU flag

25 June, 2021

MEPs protest over EU sustainable corporate governance measures

There is a clash under way in Brussels over the future of measures to introduce sustainable corporate governance across the European Union. This week members of the European Parliament wrote to com...