James Wates

17 December, 2018

High hopes for Wates’ private companies governance code

“I believe that good business, well done, is a force for good in society,” said Wates Group chairman James Wates at the launch of the self-titled corporate governance code for large private compan...
James Wates

13 June, 2018

Corporate governance principles for private companies published

New corporate governance principles for large private companies have been published, including a call on boards to undertake "meaningful engagement" with material stakeholders. The six new principl...
executive pay, remuneration, salary

29 March, 2018

Will a private company governance code really duck executive pay?

According to reports, executive pay is off the agenda for the corporate governance code for private companies in the UK. James Wates, chairman of Wates Construction and the man appointed by governm...
James Wates

27 March, 2018

Code for private companies will leave out executive pay

A new governance code for UK private companies will say nothing on executive pay, it has been revealed. The businessman leading the project to define a code for private companies has said that the ...
James Wates

1 February, 2018

James Wates to chair private company governance group

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