Ryanair plane in Vilnius, Lithuania

20 September, 2021

What boards need to know about sanctions risk and legislation

Shifts in the geopolitical landscape and evolving regulations across the globe mean that organisations operating across multiple jurisdictions need to constantly review and assess the impact of new sa...
Man looking ahead with business data behind him

17 September, 2021

How resilience reporting could help firms meet future challenges

Proposals that come as part of an effort to overhaul audit and governance ask corporate leaders to master a new discipline: reporting on their business prospects long into the future in a “resilienc...
Pile of blocks with regulation on top

28 June, 2021

The regulator’s dilemma: finding a balance between trust and compliance

"Of course, I knew what was happening!" said the regulator with regard to a particularly sensitive concern. "I knew which of these companies was at risk. I was clear who was, and who was not responsib...
Water drop and ripples

28 May, 2021

Liquid asset: corporate boards and water risk management

Understanding water risk and making informed board decisions is imperative to protecting the long-term interests of companies. With the effects of climate change on the rise, now is the time for board...
Robot holding an apple

20 May, 2021

System error: why AI without humans is a governance challenge

Businesses are facing an Orwellian nightmare that few even recognise exists. As they become increasingly dependent on artificial intelligence, these same technology systems are increasingly being run ...
Auditor examining accounts

13 May, 2021

How government proposals aim to rebuild faith in UK audit and auditors

After years of waiting, auditors and boards were presented in March with the
US flag flying on Wall Street

5 May, 2021

US boards ‘should develop transparent policies on political issues’

US politics and business have a long history together. But boards are now under pressure to revise their policies for donating to politicians. Leading investor adviser Nell Minow, vice chair of ValueE...
Checklist for evaluation with green ticks

5 May, 2021

The Secret NED: compliance matters, even on the little things

For a non-executive, achieving the balance between ensuring the right things are done and not being overly fussy is always tricky. It is easy to misjudge. Our board was delighted that on securing a...
notebook on boardroom table

15 April, 2021

Campaign urges reform of section 172 to promote ‘purpose of the company’

Campaigners, among them big business names such as John Lewis and Innocent Drinks, have launched a project to reform section 172 of the Companies Act and overhaul the fiduciary duties of board directo...
Businessman pressing a cybersecurity lock

30 March, 2021

Experts highlight cybersecurity risk amid the pandemic

Cybersecurity is emerging as a key issue during the pandemic, with a host of reports and organisations moving to stress its importance to boards. The World Economic Forum (WEF) throws a spotlight o...