This report introduces a new model for integrated thinking, called the ‘spring model’, having been developed by the participants of the IIRC’s Integrated Thinking & Strategy Group over the last two years as they embed integrated thinking within their own organisations, as well as sharing their individual case studies and approaches.

Integrated thinking is a multi-capital management approach that enables organisations to deliver their purpose to the benefit of their key stakeholders over time. It is about creating and preserving value and enabling better decision-making based on interconnected, multi-capital information.

The report outlines some of the challenges businesses face in driving effective integrated thinking, case studies of how they are meeting these challenges and shares new ideas for how to drive innovation even further.

The IIRC’s Integrated Thinking & Strategy Group is made up of over 50 organisations globally that came together to share thinking about developing strategy across multiple capitals, learn from world leaders and co-create a common view of integrated thinking that is globally relevant to help build resilient, future-fit businesses.