There can be little doubt that the global Covid-19 pandemic has forced corporate boards to embrace significant change. They have had to adapt new ways of working, ensuring corporate resilience, supply chain security, financial stability and the health and safety of their workforce.

But are boards keeping pace with this transformation? How well equipped are they to deal with changing operational, strategic, technological, financial and ESG issues? How will this new reality influence board priorities and do board directors have the skills to tackle these challenges?

This study aims to answer these and other questions – looking at the focus of attention in the boardroom and the priority issues; whether boards have the right skills to deal with the post-pandemic demands of a rapidly changing business environment; and whether their strategy is robust.

Senior board members and executives give their views on organisational resilience, strategy, digital transformation, capital, and financial management and ESG issues. The answers are illuminating and will help frame the transformation debate.