Paige Morrow

Paige Morrow is head of Brussels Operations at Frank Bold, a purpose-driven law firm. The firm leads the Purpose of the Corporation Project, which invites businesses, academics, policymakers, and civil society to debate the future of publicly traded companies. Recent publications include “Corporate Governance for a Changing World: Report of a Global Roundtable Series” and “Revisioning the Corporation: A Short Guide to Sustainable Corporate Governance”

Latest Articles by Paige Morrow

  1. corporate transparency

    10 May, 2018

    Reporting directive paves way for improved accountability

    The EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive places more responsibilities on companies and provides the basis for a new model of corporate accountability.

  1. World Economic Forum logo

    16 January, 2017

    Davos: Debunking the myth of shareholder primacy

    The world’s business and political elite meet this week in Davos for the annual World Economic Forum shindig. Paige Morrow argues they should focus on an end to shareholder primacy to reduce inequality.