Jeroen Veldman

Jeroen Veldman is a senior research fellow at Cass Business School. Jeroen is interested in the way the historical development of the corporate form can be understood from the perspective of organisation studies, and how these developments play out in and between discourses of law, finance, accounting, politics, corporate governance and public governance. He has published on these topics in the British Journal of Management, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Business Ethics: European Review, Business and Society Review, ephemera, and M@n@gement. Along with Hugh Willmott he is engaged in a research project on corporate governance:

Latest Articles by Jeroen Veldman

  1. City of London

    20 March, 2015

    Britain’s broken corporate governance regime

    Tesco's accounting scandal helps demonstrate that continuous “improvements” underlying the UK Code of Corporate Governance have, over the past 23 years, amounted to little more than a minor facelift.

  1. corporate governance sign

    8 September, 2017

    Recommendations to rethink UK corporate governance

    During the government's consultation period on corporate governance reform, a series of events in London enabled discussion of a governance model fit for the 21st century. Filip Gregor and Jeroen Veldman summarise the key conclusions.