Filip Gregor

Filip Gregor is head of the Responsible Companies Section at Frank Bold, a purpose-driven law firm that leads the Purpose of the Corporation Project. The project invites businesses, academics, policymakers and civil society to debate the future of publicly traded companies. Recent publications include “Corporate Governance for a Changing World: Report of a Global Roundtable Series” and “Revisioning the Corporation: A Short Guide to Sustainable Corporate Governance”.

Latest Articles by Filip Gregor

  1. sustainable investment, EU, ESG, sustainable finance, sustainable economy

    20 July, 2017

    Sustainable Finance report: implications for investors and directors

    Reform of the financial system towards a sustainable economy has been detailed in an EU report, whose recommendations—which draw upon corporate governance reform—impact upon fiduciary duties in varying degrees.

  1. corporate governance sign

    8 September, 2017

    Recommendations to rethink UK corporate governance

    During the government's consultation period on corporate governance reform, a series of events in London enabled discussion of a governance model fit for the 21st century. Filip Gregor and Jeroen Veldman summarise the key conclusions.