Daniel Johnson

Dan recently re-joined the Institute of Business Ethics as head of project services, following a year in industry. He is responsible for delivery of the IBE’s products, including training, tools and links with education. Previously, as business conduct manager at BAE Systems (on secondment from the IBE), Dan was closely involved with the update of the global Code of Conduct. He also spent some time as part of the Corporate Responsibility team at Pentland, responsible for risk-mapping human rights and modern slavery in the supply chain. In a previous role at the IBE, Dan was responsible for researching and writing about business ethics topics. He holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Nottingham.

Latest Articles by Daniel Johnson

  1. ethics, corporate ethics, business ethics, public opinion, public trust

    20 December, 2017

    Is British business behaving more ethically, or does it just look that way?

    Research shows an improvement in public opinion on ethical business behaviour. But is business really behaving more ethically, or does it just appear more favourable when compared with other scandal-hit sectors?