executive pay reform

7 April, 2017

Transparency should be at the heart of executive pay reform

Executive pay levels have caused rows and debate across Europe. The answer for many is increased transparency.

Pound coins

4 January, 2017

High Pay Commission declares ‘Fat Cat Wednesday’

Think-tank declares 4 January the day on which the average top boss has earned as much as the average worker will all year.

Pay inequality

20 December, 2016

Mind the (pay) gap

The gulf between executive and employee pay is widening, but nomination and remuneration committees should exercise restraint, argues Angeli Benham of Legal & General.

2 September, 2016

Calls for shareholder committees to rule on executive pay

A new report calls for shareholder committees, attended by employees, to rule on executive pay and replace nominations committees.

23 August, 2016

Investment managers fear PM’s new executive pay policy

Fund managers concerned with monitoring corporate governance may be reluctant to use new executive pay measures proposed by Theresa May for fear it spotlights their own remuneration, critics say.

High Pay Centre

18 October, 2015

Pay pressure

Non-executive remuneration committees find themselves under increasing pressure as greater scrutiny is put on executive pay by investors and the public.

High Pay Centre

16 August, 2015

CEO pay shows UK governance is ‘weak’

Chief executive pay in the FTSE 100 continues to rise, according to a think-tank.