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Specialist Pay Consultants, remuneration

Executive pay

Specialist pay consultants and their relationship with the Remco

While the debate over executive pay continues unabated, research sheds light on a largely overlooked element—the relationship between the remuneration committee and spe[...]
Corporate governance, board intervention, non-executive directors

Board intervention

Corporate governance and the proactive board

When should boards take a more proactive approach to governance and strategic decision-making? Research shows that non-executives needn't wait for a crisis to intervene.[...]
comply or explain, corporate governance code

UK corporate governance code

Let’s keep ‘comply-or-explain’ in corporate governance burning bright

The UK’s comply-or-explain system of corporate governance, introduced in 1992, has been widely admired and imitated, but it's not without its critics; there is room for[...]


boardroom, businessman, digital business, digital storm


Digital transformation: how boards can weather the storm

With the digital revolution about to present "the greatest disruption to both leadership and governance in the entire history of business", there are ways that boards can[...]
organisational politics

Organisational politics

Organisational politics can be an asset to strategy execution

Identifying the types of political behaviour in your organisation is the first step to using it for positive change, says Michael Jarrett.[...]
family, succession

Succession planning

Five challenges that could derail a succession plan

Many family businesses in China are still controlled by their original founders, and yet research shows that only 22% have succession plans in place. To ensure longevity,[...]


Diversity & risk

Does gender diversity affect a company’s risk management?

Do female board directors have less appetite for risk? Recent research attempted to reveal whether there is a link between gender in the boardroom and measures of risk.[...]
data security

Data security

Boardrooms should heed new frontiers in personal data security

Personal data security is increasingly important, but many companies may not be ready to comply with tougher data protection laws.[...]
communication technology

Communication technology

Technology key to secure boardroom communication

A communications gap in the boardroom will only get wider unless members embrace new technology, says Blake Stephenson, Nasdaq Corporate Solutions.[...]


corporate culture, ethics


Corporate culture: five questions for the boardroom

Responsibility for safeguarding corporate culture falls with board directors, but how can that be done effectively? A good start would be to ask yourselves the following [...]
business ethics

Ethics & leadership

Personal moral values key to ethical corporate governance

Moral values are so important for company directors they should be given equal weighting in selection procedures, while ethical competency should be a key performance ind[...]
whistle-blowing, business ethics


Speak up: how to encourage whistleblowing in your organisation

Corporate malpractice is damaging to a company and its reputation, but many employees are unaware of whistleblowing procedures, or they fear retaliation if they do speak [...]

Board Expertise

Red Arrows, high-performing teams, board performance, board effectiveness, teamwork, PLC board performance

Board effectiveness

View from the chair: Kieran Moynihan on PE versus PLC board performance

Private equity boards are often viewed as high-performing teams, but Kieran Moynihan, chairman of Board Excellence, explores whether PLC boardrooms could do just as well.[...]
executive pay, pay, remuneration

FTSE100 CEO remuneration

FTSE100 CEO pay falls but much further to go, say governance experts

Average pay packet for FTSE100 CEOs falls in 2016 but there are calls to rethink the measures which set their remuneration.[...]
boardroom executives, boardroom conflict, board members


Research reveals route to resolving boardroom tension and conflict

A new report shows that while "tension" between board members is viewed as a healthy addition to discussion, "conflict" can be disruptive and best dealt with outside the [...]
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