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Corporate culture

Culture involves everyone, but begins with the board

Establishing a healthy corporate culture has never been more important, but many organisations struggle to get it right. ACCA has conducted research and developed a tool [...]


Diversity now means more than gender

Boards have so far focused on tackling gender diversity, but the next frontier is a better mix of social, ethnic and educational backgrounds.[...]
executive pay, pay

Executive pay

Executive pay: time to revolutionise a faulty system

Executive pay is a minefield for both companies and directors, but research suggests we need a fresh approach so that remuneration is fairly structured.[...]


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Organisational politics

Organisational politics can be an asset to strategy execution

Identifying the types of political behaviour in your organisation is the first step to using it for positive change, says Michael Jarrett.[...]
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Succession planning

Five challenges that could derail a succession plan

Many family businesses in China are still controlled by their original founders, and yet research shows that only 22% have succession plans in place. To ensure longevity,[...]
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Digital strategy

Why every business needs a digital strategy

Technology is an increasingly crucial element of business models. Nick Elverston and Amanda Hale of law firm Ashurst explore key questions when preparing a digital strate[...]


data security

Data security

Boardrooms should heed new frontiers in personal data security

Personal data security is increasingly important, but many companies may not be ready to comply with tougher data protection laws.[...]
communication technology

Communication technology

Technology key to secure boardroom communication

A communications gap in the boardroom will only get wider unless members embrace new technology, says Blake Stephenson, Nasdaq Corporate Solutions.[...]

Board risk oversight

Why the whole board needs to be on top of risk management

Companies with greater board risk oversight involvement achieve better operating performance, says Thomas Keusch.[...]


whistle-blowing, business ethics


Speak up: how to encourage whistleblowing in your organisation

Corporate malpractice is damaging to a company and its reputation, but many employees are unaware of whistleblowing procedures, or they fear retaliation if they do speak [...]
modern slavery

Modern slavery reporting

Why UK companies cannot ignore modern slavery reporting

Companies in the UK now have to produce a report detailing their efforts to beat modern slavery in their supply chains. Some have clearly thought this through. But the po[...]

Ethics & leadership

Personal moral values key to ethical corporate governance

Moral values are so important for company directors they should be given equal weighting in selection procedures, while ethical competency should be a key performance ind[...]

Board Expertise

digital communication, digital leadership


Eleven leadership guidelines for the digital age

The old ways of running a company won’t cut it in a digital world, argue Liri Andersson and Ludo Van der Heyden of INSEAD.[...]


Three crucial advantages of multicultural management teams

International experience and insight matter far more than what it says on your passport.[...]
Information gap, jigsaw bridge

Boardroom skills

Information asymmetry is good for effective boards

Commentators often complain that non-executives need more information. But recent research suggests that it is information asymmetry that actually makes non-executives ef[...]
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