Diligent Modern Governance 100

23 September, 2021

‘Purpose-driven’ leaders honoured at Modern Governance awards

The general counsel of Robert Half International and an investment director at CalPERS, one of the most high-profile investment institutions in the US, are among the recipients of a brand new award fo...
Two leaders looking out of office window

7 September, 2021

All-rounder CEOs ‘outperform those with specific industry knowledge’

While there is a debate as to whether companies should hire chief executives with specific industry knowledge or all-rounders, there is little to explain why a board should jump one way or another. ...
Twitter icon on a smartphone

26 August, 2021

CEOs who post on social media ‘more likely to trade in their own stocks’

Social media has become a controversial tool. Observers need look no further than
Question mark surrounded by binary code

5 August, 2021

Are you asking the right questions of your data team?

People often associate the term “data literacy” with mastering a litany of technical skills: SQL for data querying, Python for data analysis and Tableau for data visualisation, to name a few. Howe...
Colourful wooden puzzle pieces

5 August, 2021

CEOs who play to type win the market

When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping for M&A targets. This year looks set to be a record year for mergers and acquisitions, with
Two leaders looking out of office window

7 July, 2021

Two CEOs, no drama: ground rules for co-leadership

Leonard, the chairman of a global consumer goods company, was wondering what to do with the two co-CEOs running the firm. While it had seemed a great idea to have two individuals at the helm, this arr...
Diverse leadership team members

10 June, 2021

How to boost diversity in your company’s leadership team

Calls for greater inclusion and diversity (I&D) across business and institutions are continuing to grow on both sides of the Atlantic, with the public and investors demanding action on race inequa...
King chess piece and pawns

3 June, 2021

Do CEOs matter?

As a young man of 20 in his first job at a state-owned enterprise in China, Guoli Chen found sen...
Women executive with missing rungs on the leadership ladder

28 May, 2021

What works? Achieving gender balance on executive teams

Plaudits have been exchanged recently for meeting the target of 33% female non-executive directors in the FTSE 350 under the Hamp...
CEO in a board meeting

5 May, 2021

The post-Covid recovery demands ‘context-conscious’ leadership

Context is an often overlooked but crucial issue affecting leadership decision-making at all levels. And in a post-Covid world where the leadership focus is organisational reconstruction rather than r...