Business meeting

22 July, 2021

FRC report calls for more diversity on nominations committees

Nominations committees must become more diverse themselves if they are to increase diversity in boardrooms, according to a new report. The conclusion comes as part of research that looks into diver...
Auditor signing an audit document

6 July, 2021

Audit reform consultation set to close as dissenting voices emerge

Consultation on the most sweeping proposals in recent years to confront auditors, the audit market and audit committees will close this week. The sector does not yet know what the outcome will be, ...
Workers in overalls and helmets

25 June, 2021

Workforce voice in corporate governance: where are we now?

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has just published
Boardroom with green chairs

22 June, 2021

To B-Corp or not to B-Corp? FRC chief says no in governance debate

Does the UK need a new corporate form to cope with the demands of climate change and sustainability? Not according to the country’s chief governance and corporate reporting regulator. Sir Jon Tho...
CEO looking over a cityscape at daybreak

20 May, 2021

Company purpose is more than a marketing slogan—it’s a new philosophy

Last month the debate about the role of “purpose” in business and governance took off. Efforts to integrate the concept into boardroom thinking have never been exactly trivial, but April saw a cam...
Calculator on top of business report

19 April, 2021

Auditors on notice to reject ‘expectations gap’ consultation

A row over the role of auditors in detecting fraud at client companies has taken a fresh turn, with shareholders set to play a significant role in the ongoing drama. Shareholder advisory body PIRC ...
Group of investors/shareholders in glass building

25 March, 2021

UK stewardship code ‘has not changed the nature of investor engagement’

Traditional forms of company-specific engagement will not happen unless institutional investors face “mandatory legal or regulatory” demands, according to a new paper on the UK stewardship code fr...
City of London skyline

18 March, 2021

Audit white paper proposes new powers for regulator to sanction directors

The working landscape for boards is about to be transformed after the government published a white paper with wide-ranging proposals giving regulators new powers to investigate and sanction directors ...
notebook on boardroom table

2 March, 2021

FRC: many firms ‘not transparent about their compliance with UK code’

Companies appear to be struggling with governance provisions aimed at managing stakeholder engagement and measures to limit the term of board chairs. The news comes in
Corporate report using AR and VR

1 March, 2021

Will your next annual report come with installation instructions?

The annual report has been a cornerstone of corporate communications for more than 200 years, but while the past two centuries have seen sustained evolution in communications technology, the annual re...