Board members looking at corporate reports

21 September, 2021

In-house lawyers concerned about legal implications of ESG disclosures

It’s never a surprise to find a lawyer that is risk averse. It’s in their nature. But a recent survey finds that in-house lawyers in US companies are particular nervous when it comes to increasing...
Risk warning sign on computer code

25 August, 2021

Accountancy professionals can help boards to rethink risk

The past two years will be defined in history as one of the fastest changing and riskiest periods seen in a generation. Alongside the coronavirus, business and society also face huge existential risks...
Greenwashing emissions from a chimney

16 August, 2021

Boards need to stop ESG greenwashing and recognise reputational threats

The profile of business-wide environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability initiatives are being increasingly driven by stakeholder demands for action on climate change and global catastr...
US flag behind polluting factories

12 August, 2021

We need clearer, more consistent information on ESG

The accountability processes of government and business are each ideal for optimising different policy issues, and we get into trouble when we let one take on the role of the other. What has made t...
Climate action protest

15 July, 2021

Shareholder votes on climate action plans ‘more complex’ than expected

Energy giant Shell caused a sensation back in May with its “say on climate” proposal allowing shareholders to
Exxon Mobil logo

13 July, 2021

ESG activism ‘likely to proliferate’ following ExxonMobil vote

If events at Exxon last month proved anything, it is that ESG activism by hedge funds is now a force to be reckoned with for boardrooms. One academic warns there is more to come, with potentially more...
Covid-19 crisis and stock market prices

30 June, 2021

OECD warns that Covid-19 requires a governance response

The global pandemic will require a governance response to ensure the corporate landscape can be rebuilt sustainably, according to the OECD. And that response will include better disclosure of risk,...
ESG strategy icons over green cityscape

21 June, 2021

US firms ask SEC to introduce global standards on climate reporting

While there may be doubts in some quarters about the mandatory introduction of climate risk reporting for US companies, many submissions to a consultation have focused on two objectives: introducing t...
Green stock market graph

18 June, 2021

FTSE4Good companies warned over new ESG standards

FTSE Russell, one of the world’s leading providers of stock indexes, moved this week to tighten up the rules by threatening hundreds of companies with banishment from their lists over ESG performanc...
Chinese flag in front of skyscrapers

15 June, 2021

NBIM says China should tighten rules on corporate ESG reporting

The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund has told China its requirements for corporate ESG reporting could be better. In a letter addressed to the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Norges ...