Hands in chains

7 July, 2021

Calls grow for tougher rules on human rights in supply chains

There is now major pressure for the UK to update its laws governing the way companies approach the risk of human rights abuses in their supply chains. Some form of action looks almost certain. Camp...
Board members looking at corporate reports

5 July, 2021

Good governance boosts companies’ CSR performance

There is much talk about companies improving their treatment of the environment and people—what is often called corporate social responsibility (CSR). And there has been much debate about how this c...
CEO looking at his tablet

1 July, 2021

Executive remuneration models ‘do not describe how pay is actually set’

New research suggests there is more going on under the surface of chief executive pay deals than is commonly understood. One of the most significant findings is that CEOs are less concerned by the ove...
Diligent Modern Governance 100

1 July, 2021

Diligent launches its third Modern Governance 100 awards

The Diligent Modern Governance 100, an awards programme designed to recognise best practice in governance and compliance, has been launched for its third year. The awards will this year see the int...
Covid-19 crisis and stock market prices

30 June, 2021

OECD warns that Covid-19 requires a governance response

The global pandemic will require a governance response to ensure the corporate landscape can be rebuilt sustainably, according to the OECD. And that response will include better disclosure of risk,...
Hong Kong skyline

28 June, 2021

ACGA urges overhaul of Hong Kong corporate governance

An influential corporate governance group has called on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to change track on proposals that could transform company attitudes towards non-executive terms, boardroom diversit...
Workers in overalls and helmets

25 June, 2021

Workforce voice in corporate governance: where are we now?

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has just published
EU flag

25 June, 2021

MEPs protest over EU sustainable corporate governance measures

There is a clash under way in Brussels over the future of measures to introduce sustainable corporate governance across the European Union. This week members of the European Parliament wrote to com...
Boardroom with green chairs

22 June, 2021

To B-Corp or not to B-Corp? FRC chief says no in governance debate

Does the UK need a new corporate form to cope with the demands of climate change and sustainability? Not according to the country’s chief governance and corporate reporting regulator. Sir Jon Tho...
Volkswagen, organisational reputation

17 June, 2021

Volkswagen insurance payout ‘sets a dangerous precedent’

Minor tremors were recently sent through the corporate governance world over an insurance claim. Big yawn, you may think, but this claim involved VW recovering €270m from insurers for the behaviour ...