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21 January, 2021

Board evaluations review finds room for improvement

New proposals call on providers of board evaluations to disclose the measures they take to avoid conflicts of interest and to sign up to a new code of conduct. There is also a recommendation that c...
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5 December, 2019

Board performance evaluation: ticking a box or making a difference?

A new lens is being applied to board performance. The demands and expectations on board members are changing dramatically with a clear focus on how boards are making decisions and responding to issues...
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27 August, 2019

Institutional investors ‘should confront failing chairs’ to fight private equity deals

Institutional shareholders have been called upon to replace failing chairs as part of an effort to counter companies being sold “too cheaply” to private equity investors. According to David Cum...
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16 July, 2019

‘Practical actions needed’ to improve board diversity

Companies have begun to boast about their achievements in making their boardrooms more diverse. Research regularly reveals diversity is improving. But there is still some way to go. Whether on gend...
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28 February, 2018

Board gender diversity requires a diversity of attitude

The #MeToo movement has driven a well-overdue need for women to feel empowered, after a litany of sexual harassment allegations in the world of showbusiness expos...
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22 February, 2018

Why modesty is king when it comes to CEO remuneration

Vlerick Business School has developed a “rich” database, fed every year with data on all aspects of CEO remuneration (for example, remunerati...
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10 August, 2017

View from the chair: Kieran Moynihan on PE versus PLC board performance

When non-executive directors, chairmen, executives and investors are asked to identify high-performance boards that they have either sat on or engaged with, they inevitably point to private equity (PE...
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4 July, 2017

Good governance should start with boards’ own performance

In the wake of recent corporate scandals revealing serious lapses in collective judgement, the board’s role in a company’s culture and leadership development is becoming an increasingly critical p...

9 January, 2017

Why the whole board needs to be on top of risk management

Following the 2008 financial crisis, Mary Schapiro, the former chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), said 

13 December, 2016

Director performance and the ‘expectations gap’

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