Vickey de Villiers

Vickey de Villiers is an economic consultant and researcher associated with the Henley Business School. Previously, she was a senior development economist at Urban-Econ development economists and a consultant at Imani Development. Vickey has eight years of professional experience in economic development, research and trade facilitation. She holds a master’s degree in Economics and is currently pursuing a PhD. Her most relevant project experience includes the joint ESG research project between Henley Business School and Risk Insights. Specific country experience includes contributing to the design of a regional programme for COMESA on small-scale cross border trade, and the design of cross-border trade strategies and programmes for EAC countries.

Latest Articles by Vickey de Villiers

  1. ESG innovation

    29 March, 2024

    Why are firms avoiding ESG innovation?

    Research in South Africa highlights the need for board-level involvement in order for ESG to move beyond risk mitigation.