John Redmond

John Redmond is company secretary of the Electricity Supply Board. He was previously group secretary and senior vice president of corporate affairs at GPA Group and subsequently company secretary of Debis AirFinance BV and of the SEC-registered Airplanes Ltd. From 1980 to 1998 he worked in the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Finance. He is a graduate of NUI Maynooth and holds postgraduate qualifications in corporate governance from Napier University Edinburgh and University College Dublin. He became a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries in 1997.

Latest Articles by John Redmond

  1. Information gap, jigsaw bridge

    5 October, 2017

    Information asymmetry is good for effective boards

    Commentators often complain that non-executives need more information. But recent research suggests that it is information asymmetry that actually makes non-executives effective.