Gavin Hinks

Gavin Hinks is the managing editor of Board Agenda. Hinks, an award-winning business journalist with over 20 years' experience, is the former editor of Accountancy Age and Financial Director; he has written extensively about financial and regulatory issues, corporate governance and ethical and responsible business practices. Hinks manages the editorial team at Board Agenda and produces targeted news and featured content across print and digital media, he also hosts conferences and other live events. As well as presenting several videos, Hinks has also appeared on national TV and radio as a pundit offering his insights and expert opinion on the business world today. Email: [email protected] Address: Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX

Latest Articles by Gavin Hinks

  1. FTSE 350 pay revolts

    12 June, 2024

    FTSE 350 pay revolts fall

    From the 2024 voting figures so far, there are signs that investors may support higher executive pay deals in the UK.

  1. Shareholder showdown

    11 June, 2024

    Shareholder showdown looms for Elon Musk

    Tesla’s investors will vote on $56m pay deal this week, with Norges Bank’s fund already declaring its opposition.

  1. work from home

    7 June, 2024

    News round-up: this week in governance

    IoD draft code of conduct; boards get serious about integrity; Manchester United FC’s work from home ultimatum.

  1. dip in performance

    6 June, 2024

    US boards show dip in performance

    C-suite executives lack confidence that their boards can cope with rapidly evolving business risks, survey results suggest.

  1. shein

    5 June, 2024

    Shein sparks controversy over possible London listing

    Listing a company with questionable human rights due diligence is not ‘healthy’ for a stock exchange, writes investment CEO.