Frederico de Santos Martins

Frederico de Santos Martins is a policy adviser at EuropeanIssuers, which represents the interests of publicly quoted companies across Europe to the EU institutions. He leads the organisation's policy work overseeing policy-related committees and working groups, organising member responses to EU consultations and monitoring EU policy developments.

Latest Articles by Frederico de Santos Martins

  1. 29 March, 2019

    Promoting SME growth markets

    Small and mid-cap companies need a better regulatory framework, which recognises that their needs differ distinctly from SMEs, and which will enable them to compete and thrive on a fairer playing field.

  1. 30 August, 2019

    A new agenda for Europe: capital markets union, sustainability and IPOs

    The European Commission has a new president and is working on its strategic agenda. What should be the new administration's priorities?

  1. sustainable business word cloud, taxonomy of sustainable finance

    9 December, 2019

    Designing a suitable taxonomy for a sustainable future

    The taxonomy of sustainable finance must be a tool that helps companies grow and create jobs, while facilitating the transition to a greener economy.