Ana Nacvalovaite

Dr Ana Nacvalovaite is a researcher specialising in international human rights law and sovereign wealth funds. She is currently working on a three-year research project in the University of Oxford’s Kellogg College Centre for Mutual and Co-owned Business, investigating whether sovereign wealth funds might focus investments globally on local co-operatives as a way of enhancing social and environmental sustainability. An advocate for ethical business and investment practices, she serves as an expert adviser to the British Standards Institution on the Committee of Experts on Sustainable Finance, where she contributes to the development of the Sustainable Finance Framework. Ana is dedicated to raising awareness about the concept of a 'just transition' and the critical role of sustainable finance in supporting the social aspects—the 'S'—within environmental, social and governance (ESG) frameworks.

Latest Articles by Ana Nacvalovaite

  1. ESG investment

    11 July, 2023

    ESG: a new dawn for investment strategies?

    The patient capital contained in sovereign wealth funds and state capital could have a pivotal role in the ‘S’ of ESG.