Alexey Ulanovsky

Alexey is associate professor in the Social Sciences Faculty of the Higher School of Economics, Russia. He also works as an executive consultant for Ward Howell, leading senior management team sessions, group coaching and leadership programmes. Alexey has been one of the most active developers of Strengths Based Leadership in Russia. The methodology is based on the analysis and use of the strengths of leaders, teams and organisations. He also specialises in group communication and dynamics. He is the author of research and articles on conversation analysis of meetings and everyday communication. Alexey is taking part in the Chair Global Research Project INSEAD and is the author of more than 60 publications. He has extensive experience in developing and implementing modular training programmes for managers and introducing Action Learning in companies.

Latest Articles by Alexey Ulanovsky

  1. athletic leaders, leadership skills, CEOs

    19 March, 2018

    Inside the minds of ‘athletic’ leaders

    CEOs who can turn turmoil into triumph have many personality traits in common with world-class athletes.