26 April, 2017

Compliance and reporting under the EU Non Financial Reporting Directive: requirements and opportunities

New reporting rules require certain large EU companies to include in their management report a non-financial statement. The objective is to lay the foundation for a new model of corporate reporting th...

26 January, 2017

Preparing your organisation for the EU data protection reform – 2016

Whether you are part of a European company or a non-European company that trades or stores data inside Europe, it is likely that the new European data protection regulations coming into ...

25 January, 2017

Principles of Remuneration – October 2016

The Principles set out members’ views on the role of shareholders and directors in relation to remuneration and the manner in which remuneration should be determined and structured. We believe that ...

3 November, 2016

ICGN Guidance on Corporate Risk Oversight – 2015, 3rd ed.

The objective of this guidance is to help investors assess how well a portfolio company’s board is effectively overseeing risk management. Further, the targeted audience is broader than just company...

3 November, 2016

ICGN Guidance on Integrated Business Reporting – 2015, 2nd ed.

The aim of the ICGN Integrated Business Reporting Guidance is to emphasise the importance of companies providing a holistic account of how they create and sustain value by bringing together informatio...

3 November, 2016

ICGN Guidance on Political Lobbying and Donations – 2012

The ICGN Statement and Guidance on Political Lobbying and Donations addresses investor concerns about corporate involvement in the political process, as a matter of both business ethics and corporate ...

3 November, 2016

ICGN Guidance on Diversity on Boards – 2016

The ICGN Guidance on Diversity on Boards (2016) builds upon the ICGN Guidance on Gender Diversity on Boards published in 2013. The original guidance identified the responsibilities of shareholders and...

3 November, 2016

ICGN Guidance on Non-executive Director Remuneration – 2016

The ICGN Non-Executive Director Remuneration Guidelines (2016) replaces earlier guidance published in 2013 and sets out the ICGN’s position regarding remuneration structures for nonexecutive directo...

3 November, 2016

ICGN Model Contract Terms Between Asset Owners and Managers – 2012

Asset owners are increasingly considering how they can more fully align the interests of their fund managers with their own obligations to beneficiaries and participants. The ICGN offers this document...

3 November, 2016

ICGN Guidance on Securities Lending – 2016

This ICGN ‘Guidance on Securities Lending’ builds upon an earlier edition first published in 2005 then revised in 2007. Since that time, significant events across global markets have occurred rela...