Leadership in energy transition:
The challenges facing boards in the renewable energy industry

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The global landscape for renewable energy is seeing vast change and challenge. Volatile supply chains and energy markets caused by the global pandemic and war in Europe the energy transition has reached a critical inflection point.

With the energy industry playing a pivotal role in the drive to net zero, Board Agenda and our partner Diligent are bringing together leaders in the sector to discuss the challenges and opportunities confronting boards and directors as they navigate energy transition and forge a path to net zero.

This webinar will be relevant to board members who are active in the energy sector and business leaders across industry who have an interest in climate governance.

We discuss policy frameworks, the hurdles and blockages the sector faces, how technology will be a driver for change and the skill sets boards need to navigate a period of transformation and drive energy transition forwards.

You can register for this FREE webinar which is being broadcast on Thursday 16 November 2023, 10am GMT.

Chaired by Board Agenda editor, Gavin Hinks, panel speakers will discuss:

  • Policy frameworks and funding mechanisms
  • How the renewable energy companies can work collectively to drive energy transition in the UK
  • Overcoming the hurdles and blockages facing the industry
  • The priorities for board members in the sector
  • The ways in which tech is transforming the industry and how boards operate
  • The expertise and skill sets required of boards to drive energy transition in the UK.

Speakers include:

  • Andrew Lever – Director, Energy Transition, The Carbon Trust
  • Dr Tim Stone CBE – Non-executive director of the Arup Group, chairman of Nuclear Risk Insurers and adviser to UK government
  • Clint Harrison – Managing Director, Taylor Hopkinson

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