Transforming Governance for Sustainability: Regulation, Disclosure & Strategic Opportunities

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9:00 am - 4:30 pm


Royal College of Surgeons, London WC2A 3PE

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Partners & Sponsors:

ESG Summit 2024: Analysis of the ESG landscape, regulatory impacts & strategic opportunities for board members, company secretaries & governance professionals.

As the momentum around ESG continues to grow, so does the challenge of keeping up to date with increasing regulatory and market demands. Board Agenda is delighted to be a partner to the ESG Summit, convened by the Chartered Governance Institute, where top corporate leaders and sustainability professionals will explore recent developments in the fast-moving ESG landscape.

ESG has become a strategic imperative which can impact on a broad range of corporate activities, with the potential to deliver far-reaching benefits.

Research shows many organisations are both failing to assess ESG risks, or to maximise the benefits which can flow from effective ESG leadership. This conference will give you the knowledge you need to effectively navigate ESG risks and capitalise on the strategic opportunities this fast moving field offers.

There will be hosted panel discussions, peer exchanges, top speakers, including leading governance & ESG experts.

What you will learn:

This 1-day summit is an intensive day programme which will provide your organisation with the latest thinking on ESG legislation, regulation and best practice. It will explain the relevance of ESG for UK companies and subsidiaries, and through presentations and panel discussions, attendees will gain valuable insights into topics including:

• Find the information you need to deliver maximum value for your organisation
• Understanding the latest regulatory developments & reporting standards
• Anticipating and handling activism from shareholders and employees
• Managing ESG-related risks
• Questions that NEDs need to ask about ESG
• Does your board need to rethink how it handles ESG?
• Maximising the benefits of ESG
• The practices of ESG leaders
• ESG hot topics including biodiversity reporting, ESG rating agencies, and supply chain assurance
• The role of company secretaries in supporting boards with ESG decisions
• How to engage with the ESG teams of your investors
• ESG reporting – trends and best practice

Who the ESG Summit is for:

• Company Secretaries
• Governance professionals
• ESG specialists
• Corporate reporting specialists
• Executive directors
• NEDs
• Corporate counsel

At this exclusive all-day, in-person event, corporate governance and ESG experts will provide analysis of the rapidly transforming ESG landscape, the status of ESG regulations that impact UK firms and the implications for board members, company secretaries and governance professionals.

You can register here to attend this in-person event being held on Thursday 2 May 2024 at the The View, Royal College of Surgeons, 38-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PE

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